Weibke Haas Captures The Power And Beauty Of Horses


Stallions are astonishing animals. Between their crude quality, their benevolent, receptive mien, and their accommodation in ordinary errands, they could likely be viewed as a nearby second to pooches the extent that man’s closest companion is concerned. Something that is frequently an argument about steeds is the means by which delightful and glorious they are in all things. Regardless of what they’re doing, they quite often appear to pull off this quality of certainty and honorability.

German-based picture taker Weibke Haas wished to join her innovativeness and love of creatures in a similar medium, as she says on her site, which has driven her to end up noticeably an exceptionally skilled steed picture taker. Here are a portion of the amazing pictures she’s taken in her profession up until this point.


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