Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid Personal Transport System


This is a Fully Charged selective! Not something that has ever happened before.We introduce the model Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid individual transport framework. A pedal help auto? A four wheeled bicycle? So natural to move along and simply tremendous amusing to drive/ride. How about we trust they form this into a completely fledged product.

The Schaeffler bio crossover consolidates the upsides of solidness and climate insurance with the vitality utilization and space usage of a pedelec. On account of the electrically-helped drive framework (up to 25 km/h)* with a base scope of 50 kilometers**, the driver can go in a lively and agreeable way.The new vehicle stage with two front and back wheels gives expanded wellbeing and driving steadiness.

The bio half and half can likewise be effortlessly determined on cycle tracks due its minimized measurements (2.1 m long, 1.5 m high, 85 cm wide) and a track width of 80 cm.The electric invert outfit additionally empowers moving with no issues. In mix with its versatile battery framework, variable baggage compartment and programmed gearshift framework, this 1+1 seater (2 seats) can as of now be incorporated into the current foundation and everyday life.

Click to WATCH: Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid Personal Transport System


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