Magical Artwork Made Of Nature


Artist Andy Goldsworthy makes centerpieces with common materials.When it comes to workmanship, I am constantly down for fascinating pieces made by specialists that are attempting to address a cause. Scottish stone carver Andy Goldsworthy is one such craftsman.

Goldsworthy makes his craft by utilizing discovered questions in nature, and masterminding them in fascinating ways, utilizing paint to breath life into it all. His work has been called “transient” and ‘fleeting’, and individuals consider it to be an announcement on the delicacy of our planet, however Goldsworthy sees his pieces as somewhat more changeless, expressing:

“When I make something, in a field or street, it may vanish but it’s part of the history of those places.”

Computerized photography and the Internet likely helps a little with that ‘perpetual quality’, yet paying little respect to anything his craft is lovely, and the way that it is made completely from nature is something to be commended.


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