There is nothing more precious than watching little children react to the environment around them. Our world is full of endless sights to see, things to touch, and sounds to hear. As all parents know – toddlers are naturally curious and will stop at nothing to explore every detail of the world surrounding them! These tiny tots spend their days getting into everything within reaching distance, testing the limits, and trying to get a reaction from those around them. The little guy in this video certainly gets a “reaction” from the crowd of people in front of him, and boy does he run with it!


Standing in front of a large group of people may be intimidating (and possibly even nauseating) for most, but for this adorable, curly haired toddler it’s the exhilarating experience of a lifetime! Can you say, future superstar? The video opens with the toddler facing a crowd of people who are seated in the grass, as he smiles and claps excitedly. The crowd, smiling and cheering right back at him! Suddenly the boy pauses his enthusiasm for a moment – dropping his hands down to his sides and staring emotionless at the crowd. The people sitting on the grass quiet their cheering as well…


But, when someone from the sidelines encourages the toddler to continue clapping – the crowd joins in his celebration again, too! Once this self-assured little guy realizes that the hundreds of people seated before him are actually mimicking his behaviors, it’s off to the races! He claps, they clap. He smiles, they cheer. And the best of all, when he raises his tiny hands into the air and directly his little face towards the sky – the crowd does too! Enjoy this comical, heartwarming video:

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For one man, being a loyal customer has definitely paid off. Kirk Alexander, who lives near Salem, orders a pizza from Domino’s almost every day. The 48-year-old man has been doing so for years, but doesn’t answer the door very often for anyone else. Yet he still will go out and help his neighbors sometimes.

Sarah Fuller, the manager of the Domino’s that delivers to Kirk, says she and the other employees all know of the regular. She knows the basics about him, like he lives alone, works at home, and of course, loves his Domino’s pizza. The delivery drivers know him especially well, since he converses with them at the door.

When a few of the drivers noticed they hadn’t gotten an order from Kirk in a while, they let Sarah know and she found that he hadn’t gotten anything in 11 days, quite a long time for a regular like him. She asked one of the drivers who had been around longest to go check on him. The driver found lights on and could hear the television, but Kirk wasn’t answering the door, nor was he answering when they called his phone. They decided to call 911, and what happened next was a shock to them but shows just how wonderful an impact that caring workers can have.

Extension cords are super handy to have around when you have something that can’t reach the wall socket. But, you should be wary of plugging in too many things at once. In fact, this winter fire departments across the country are warning people about the hidden dangers of extension cords.

Power strips and extension cords are words that are often used interchangeably to describe a long electrical cord with multiple plugs, but many people don’t realize they are not necessarily the same thing as a surge protectors. Surge protectors will automatically cut off the power when it gets overloaded.

Power strips may have a lot of extra sockets, but that doesn’t mean it can actually handle everything you throw at it. There’s a limit to how much juice those things can take! If you plug the wrong thing into a power strip, that one mistake can turn very costly – or even worse, it may take a precious life.

When it gets freezing cold outside, the first thing most people do is turn up the heat. But, if you don’t have a fireplace or central heating, the next best thing is a space heater. It’s compact, portable, and warms up a small room in a minimal amount of time.

But, another thing that it heats up is – you guessed it – extension cords. Even if a space heater is the only thing plugged into the power strip, it can end up making your house much hotter than you originally anticipated.

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The Umatilla County Fire District #1 in Oregon issued a public service announcement on Facebook about the consequences of combining power strips and space heaters:

The weather is getting colder, and people are pulling out their space heaters. We just wanted to remind you that you should NEVER plug a heater into a power strip. These units are not designed to handle the high current flow needed for a space heater and can overheat or even catch fire due to the added energy flow. Please share and stay safe this Winter season.

Even firemen can sometimes forget about how to properly use power strips. The same fire department that posted the PSA also uploaded this photo from their own fire station. They warn that even the best equipment can fail if it’s misused. Oops!

Facebook/Umatilla County Fire Department

Rachel Rothman, the chief technologist at the Good Housekeeping Institute also has this to add:

You should definitely not use an extension cord or power strip, which could easily overheat. And you really shouldn’t plug any other electrical devices into the same outlet as the heater for safety reasons.

According to the National Safety Fire Administration, half of all heating home fires occur during December, January, and February. And from 2009 to 2013, heating equipment accounted for 56,000 home fires. Don’t become one of those statistics!

If you’re thinking of getting a space heater this winter, make sure it’s been third-party tested by an independent lab, like UL. If you don’t see a UL rating on the box, skip it.

Don’t forget to make sure your smoke detector is working, and regularly check your space heater’s cords to make sure it’s not frayed or damaged. This way, you’ll keep both toasty warm and safe this winter.

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A lot of people get starstruck when they encounter a celebrity. There’s just something about stardom that gets them very excited and sometimes even blubber in joy!

Even celebs are in awe of others who are in show business, including singer Kelly Clarkson. During an interview with Ryan Seacrest on the Golden Globes red carpet the former American Idol star shrieked when she saw a famous face she really wanted to meet.


As Ryan was guiding Kelly down a set of steps following an interview, she screams,

That’s Meryl! That’s Meryl!

The E! news host is initially confused because he’s afraid Kelly stumbled on her dress and lost balance. He says:

My heart just dropped, I thought you tripped down the stairs.


But in fact, Kelly just saw an actress she absolutely loves. She stops talking to Ryan and just stares at Meryl before telling her from the top of the stairs:

Oh my God, can I meet you? I AM SUCH A FAN, I’ve adored you since I was like eight!

Ryan then guides Kelly to meet the star, who seems charmed by the encounter. She gives Kelly a kiss and then pats her on the cheek.

Later, Meryl is spotted holding Kelly’s hand. The encounter is very sweet and proves that even the super famous love meeting other celebrities!


Earlier in the week, Kelly participated in a Facebook Q&A with fans, and she revealed that Meryl Streep was one of the few stars she hoped to meet on the red carpet. According to Good Housekeeping, she also explained how the two of them have a little bit in common:

Meryl Streep has four children, and I have four children, and I think that’s cool. One of her daughters has the same birthday as one of my daughters, River. June 12! That sounds creepy … I hope she doesn’t run from me tomorrow! I just really love her. I feel like we can be friends.


Meryl was nominated for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture” – Drama for her work in The Post. While she didn’t win a Golden Globe for that particular role, she has previously won multiple globes for her work in films such as The Iron Lady and The Devil Wears Prada.

Clarkson and Keith Urban presented the award for “Best Original Song” and delighted the audience by singing the results. The winner was “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman.

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It’s hard for some mothers to let go and allow their husbands to run the show! But for Rugeana and her silly husband, things were as easy as pie.

Her husband’s willingness to watch the kids, participate in late-night diaper changes and the teaching of important life lessons was endearing. But, as every mother is, Rugeana was curious about what her husband did with the kids when she wasn’t home.

Youtube Screenshot

So she decided to find out for herself. She had no idea that a nanny cam would answer all of her questions…

It all began when Rugeana set up a camera so her mother could watch the girls playing when she wasn’t visiting. This seemed like the perfect way to keep Grandma involved even while she was hundreds of miles away!

Youtube Screenshot

But when Rugeana forgot to turn off the camera, it captured a heartwarming moment between her husband and their girls when she wasn’t home. First, her husband walked into the room with a laundry basket while their oldest daughter was dancing along to a pop tune.

Instead of walking through the room to put away the laundry, Dad set the basket down and joined in for some awesome dance moves! This dad knows how to have a fun time with his kids and it shows.

Youtube Screenshot

As soon as Rugeana played back the footage, she saw her husband’s adorable moment with their daughter and couldn’t stop smiling. He’s obviously a wonderful father and valued a few fun seconds dancing with their girls!

While memories like this may seem small, they do have an impact that lasts a lifetime. These girls will remember their fun-loving dad stopping in the middle of chores to spend a little time with them.

Youtube Screenshot

While this dad’s dance moves may be too smooth for words, this video definitely has gone viral. With more than one million views, people everywhere love what this unsuspecting dad is doing on camera.

Although some likened his dancing to that of a goat having a seizure, he throws his heart into having a good time with his little girls. That’s what makes him an awesome dad!

Youtube Screenshot

Take a peek at this sweet moment for yourself in the video below. Hopefully, there will be much more dancing in the future for this fun family.

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On January 5th, the world lost a one-of-a-kind performer. Shirley Ann Jones revealed to fans that her husband, actor Jerry Van Dyke, 86, had passed away at their ranch in Arkansas.

Jerry’s health started failing following a traffic accident in 2015. He was most known for his role as Luther Van Dam on the ’90s football comedy Coach.

Facebook/Dick Van Dyke

He started his career in stand-up comedy. While Jerry was a recognizable star, many are probably more familiar with his older brother, Dick Van Dyke. Jerry appeared as his brother’s on-screen sibling on The Dick Van Dyke Show in the early ’60s. He also starred on The Judy Garland Show.

Jerry turned down the role of Gilligan on Gilligan’s Island to appear on another, short-lived sitcom, My Mother The Car, in 1965. It is considered one of history’s worst television shows, but fortunately, it didn’t cost Jerry his career.

He got his big break in 1989 playing one of Craig T. Nelson’s assistants on Coach. The series was on the air for nine seasons, and Jerry earned four Emmy nominations for the role.

Facebook/Dick Van Dyke

Jerry last appeared on TV in 2015. He starred with his brother Dick on the ABC comedy The Middle, in which he had a recurring role. The brothers sang “Two of a Kind.”

A few days after his passing, Dick paid tribute to his brother on Facebook, writing that Jerry learned to act by watching Candid Camera. Dick noted:

All that hesitant, stumbling speech pattern was timed to a nanosecond.

Facebook/Dick Van Dyke

He also joked that Jerry had come into the world with a special skill:

He was born with a slight birth defect, an enlarged funny bone! Somehow it jarred his perspective on life a little to the side. I never could fathom what it was he saw, but I knew that everything struck him funny.

Dick added that he loved his brother very much:

An incredibly sane man, a little Huckleberry Finn, a little Laurel & Hardy. My favorite comic. I loved him. He deserved more.

In honor of Jerry, Dick also changed his profile picture to one featuring his brother laughing out loud. It’s a touching tribute to a man who contributed so much to the world of comedy. We’ll miss you, Jerry.

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All it takes is one peek outside the window to confirm that winter has officially arrived. You may have already experienced some of the “joys” of winter weather – the bitter cold air, piles of snow hugging every inch of your car, or the annoying ice-scraping workout that you have to do with your windshield every morning.

With temperatures in the teens, Pocatello, Idaho resident Brittney Edginton didn’t even want to get out of her car when she recently stopped by the gas station for a drink. But, if it hadn’t been for that pit stop, Brittney never would have spotted the scary situation that was about to unfold.

As she drove out of the parking lot, Brittney decided to take a shortcut home, one that she doesn’t usually take. That’s when she noticed a lone figure walking alongside the icy road. Brittney could tell right away that something wasn’t right – it was a feeling in her stomach she couldn’t ignore.

The stranger was slowly hobbling towards the crosswalk with a walker, but what struck Brittney was the lack of warm clothing. When Brittney got a closer look, she could see that this person was actually an elderly woman.

As a nursing assistant, Brittney knows quite a bit about the human body, and she quickly realized that this poor granny would soon succumb to the freezing weather if she didn’t do something. Brittney told the Idaho State Journal:

I saw a little lady on the side of the street not wearing a coat, gloves, hat or any winter clothing. She was pushing her walker on the sidewalk but was getting ready to cross the street and was hitting the ice with her walker. She was pushing on it, but she couldn’t move anywhere.

Brittney rolled down her window and asked the grandmother where she was headed. The elderly lady told Brittney she was going into town, but the woman didn’t know exactly where she wanted to go, or even which street she was currently on.


Brittney wasn’t about to let this grandmother wander around until she turned into an icicle, so she put her in the back of the car and used three different blankets to wrap her up like a burrito.

She was shaking so bad her teeth were chattering. When she couldn’t remember where she lived and could only give me her name and date of birth and I found out she was almost 100-years-old I was like ‘Oh my gosh.’ That’s when I put her in my car and called the police.

When the medics arrived, 99-year-old Elsa Baker’s internal temperature was still below normal. Even though Brittney cranked up the heat for 20 minutes, Elsa’s body heat was only 94 degrees. Imagine how cold she must have been before she got in the car!


The normal average body temperature is 98.6, but mild hypothermia sets in around 96 degrees. This granny was definitely skating on the edge danger. Brittney explained to the Idaho State Journal:

Her skin was bright red, and it looked like she had been out there for a while.

Pocatello Fire Department Assistant Chief of Operations Travis Smith says that even mild hypothermia can cause confusion and loss of coordination. When a person isn’t thinking straight, an otherwise survivable condition can quickly turn into something more serious:

A person will begin to shiver, they probably won’t have a lot of motor coordination and that’s when you really need to get someone into a dry and warm area, and try to get some warming fluids into them.

Smith said that because of her advanced age, Elsa was probably hovering somewhere between moderate and severe hypothermia when Brittney found her.

Facebook/Brittney N Timothy Edginton

It’s a good thing that Brittney was compelled to take the road less traveled that fateful morning, or poor Elsa might have never made it home.

Elsa was soon reunited with her worried grandson, who said that his granny had walked away that morning thinking that she was with another person.

Thankfully there are people out there like Brittney who aren’t afraid to brave possible frostbite when offering a helping hand to those who need it the most. What a super sweet gal!

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As the East Coast takes a battering of cold weather and snowstorms, many pets are forced to stay inside and endure the chilly temperatures with their owners. This is no different for horses who are stuck in their stables for days on end!

But when one owner decided to let her horses out to play in the snow, she had no idea that they would react like this…


Even though most horses love playing in the snow, these two are not huge fans of the white fluffy stuff. Thankfully, there are several interesting changes that happen to horses to keep them warm when the temperature drops.

The Bangor Daily News explains that horses adapt well to cold weather for a few reasons. One thing that helps horses stay warm is the way their lustrous winter coat raises to keep their internal body temperature up and the cold air away.


Additionally, some owners may opt to place blankets (like you see on the horses here) on their backs to keep them nice and warm. While many horse owners choose to blanket their animals, others claim that it’s unnatural since wild horses are able to survive in nature even during heavy snowstorms.

In the end, it all comes down to the horse’s health and personal preference. These are precious and expensive creatures that need to be well taken care of particularly in adverse conditions.


Despite the fact that this owner covered her beloved horses in blankets, they’re not venturing out into the cold weather for anything! They take a few steps outside, feel the snow on their hooves and run back into the stable in perfect unison.

Mom can’t help but laugh out loud as her two “synchronized sissies” huddle together away from the snow. They want no part of the blustering winds and flying snow!


Take a peek at this silly moment for yourself in the video below. It’s clear these two are summer horses at heart!

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Restaurants will do all sorts of things to make their customers happy. But, it’s not just customers that the El Arroyo restaurant in Austin, Texas is keeping tabs on these days.

The cheeky owners are delighting just about everyone who takes a peek at the funny signs they’ve put out front. Once you crack open a smile or two, you’ll see why these lighthearted messages are brightening up everyone’s day.

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We all know it’s the little things in life that counts. But, for women, it’s the little thing we leave behind that shows the men in our lives just how much we care… about our territory.

Facebook/El Arroyo

The number of miles your cardio-bragging friend ran on the treadmill pales in comparison to the number of bicep curls you managed to pull off during your lunch break. Lifting one pound burritos is hard work!

Facebook/El Arroyo

The Monday after Daylight Savings Time kicks in, you might find that your shine is still lagging at least an hour behind your rise. If only you could move the clock forward to the next 3-day holiday weekend!

Facebook/El Arroyo

In grade school, we were all taught reading, writing, and arithmetic – but, it turns out we’ve been doing at least one of them wrong all this time! Thankfully, there’s an easy fix for that.

Facebook/El Arroyo

Awesome home chefs are a dime a dozen, but those who can make their smoke alarms shriek with glee have earned themselves a special place in the cooking hall of fame. After all, it’s not everyone who can say their meals are smokin’ hot.

Facebook/El Arroyo

A wise man once said that “Early to bed and early to rise – makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Well, naps can make you pretty awesome too!

Facebook/El Arroyo

Taco Tuesdays will work too, and it’s a much kinder and gentler way to get to your man’s heart. But for Texas cowboys, Chuck Norris’ fist is still a pretty good substitute.

Facebook/El Arroyo

This might be the one time you should probably listen to that annoying grammar Nazi that loves to hang out on social media. Cooking your pets and parents together at the same time isn’t just psycho, it’s unsanitary too.

Facebook/El Arroyo

Ooooh, it’s Christmas everyday at El Arroyo! I wonder what unattended adults get – a free cot in the corner and a 20 minute nap?

Facebook/El Arroyo

It’s important to celebrate all of life’s accomplishments, big or small. Hopefully 2018 will be full of whatever makes you happy!


When these seven men first stepped onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage, it appeared as though their’s would be a dark audition. The men were dressed up in long monk-like capes and scary masks covered their faces – whatever was to follow was sure to be strange! Then they revealed their name, “Chippendoubles,” and a thought popped into Simon Cowell’s head. They must be strippers! However, the men had a routine up their sleeve that was as unique as it was entertaining. No one could’ve expected the audition to go like this…


At first, the judges feared that the men may reveal too much. But once the song started, the real purpose for their masks and robes were unveiled! Each of the men resembled a famous person in Hollywood and the audience couldn’t get enough of their silly routine. First, it was a Ricky Gervais impersonator to whip off their mask and throw off the robe. Then came James Bond and David Beckham. Each of the men displayed their impersonation skills and had the audience erupting with laughter! However, the following reveals were enough to make the judges burst out laughing as well!


The next few men revealed their Gordon Ramsay, Will Smith, and Mr. T costumes. They looked exactly like their characters and the music accompanying their act was too good! But when it came time to reveal the final character, even Simon Cowell couldn’t suppress his giggling! Take a peek at this hilarious Britain’s Got Talent routine for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below!

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