She Calls Cops When Customer Didn’t Order Pizza For 11 Days – Now Watch When They Open The Door

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For one man, being a loyal customer has definitely paid off. Kirk Alexander, who lives near Salem, orders a pizza from Domino’s almost every day. The 48-year-old man has been doing so for years, but doesn’t answer the door very often for anyone else. Yet he still will go out and help his neighbors sometimes.

Sarah Fuller, the manager of the Domino’s that delivers to Kirk, says she and the other employees all know of the regular. She knows the basics about him, like he lives alone, works at home, and of course, loves his Domino’s pizza. The delivery drivers know him especially well, since he converses with them at the door.

When a few of the drivers noticed they hadn’t gotten an order from Kirk in a while, they let Sarah know and she found that he hadn’t gotten anything in 11 days, quite a long time for a regular like him. She asked one of the drivers who had been around longest to go check on him. The driver found lights on and could hear the television, but Kirk wasn’t answering the door, nor was he answering when they called his phone. They decided to call 911, and what happened next was a shock to them but shows just how wonderful an impact that caring workers can have.

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