Customers Wonder Why Checkout Lane Is Moving Slowly, Read Sign & Are Left Speechless

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The lane is open certain days weekly. Cashiers are trained by Alzheimer Scotland so they could give their customers the best experience possible.


A grocery chain in Scotland admits that some people require a little additional time when paying for their items, so came up with a distinctive checkout lane at the place where they would not feel hurried. This is particularly helpful to people struggling with problems such as dementia. It can be frustrating to wait patiently in line in the supermarket. Sometimes it’s quite busy, the lines are long – and you find yourself counting the moments as the client in front of you requires a cost check.

Facebook/Tesco Forres

Wendy told TODAY:

It can help take some of the pressure off and hopefully then it will encourage people to still go out and about and participate in things that they’ve always done.


The lane is also available to those with autism, social anxiety, and even parents searching with small children. Individuals who have memory loss may get flustered if it is time to find money or a credit card while impatient shoppers stare at their backs. A Tesco Forres employee advocated creating a more relaxed space for those who need it. In the United States, the number of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease is growing.

Facebook/Tesco Forres

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, now more than 5 million Americans are coping with this disease. An idea such as this would make it much easier for the elderly to comfortably shop for themselves.
Interestingly enough, when customers in a particular grocery store took note to a specially slow lane – there was a sign near the register that clarified it all… It’s particularly irritating if you’re in a rush and have just a few things in your basket. However, you can just imagine the pressure some people feel when they’re holding others up. No one likes to be that guy or woman who makes everyone wait.

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