When Mom Asked To Learn The Dance, He Laughed – Until He Saw Her Astonishing Moves

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With Mike’s guidance and Mom’s conclusion, the two bopped, popped and secured inside her living room. Take a peek at their extraordinary pattern for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below. This mother-son duo appeared like talented professionals when they danced to the fun song. How remarkable!

Youtube Screenshot

Mike Song includes a passion for dancing and likes to teach individuals young and old how to boogie at a modern, pop-and-lock fashion. He was not expecting his mother to ask him to teach her the steps to the routine! Though she had been 60 years old, she learned the motions immediately and, even after memorizing the dancing, wanted to record their hard work. They had no notion that the video of their pleasure “Gangnam Style” routine would go completely viral on line…
Youtube Screenshot

As our parents become old, it may be more difficult to get them engaged in the things that interest us especially when those interests have to do with physical activity. Such was the situation for just one young man and his mother! He loves to dance and does this for a living but when he arrived home with a fun new pattern to the hit song “Gangnam Style”, he expected his mom to see from the courthouse. He had no idea that she’d want to get involved and try the regular for herself!

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