Nervous 2-Yr-old Looks At Daddy When She Forgets Her Steps. His Next Move Lights Up The Internet

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I do not know what to think about it as, for me, anybody who knows me knows that is just me being me being a parent. I do this daily.

Facebook/Jennifer Michelle Gaines

Take a glance at this heartwarming moment by pressing “play” on the movie below. What a good Dad! Within days of posting the video online, it was observed 325,000 times, liked by 1,700 users and shared nearly 4,000 times.
Everyone loved to see Ace assist his daughter with her dance recital routine! Ace jumped backstage and lined up along with his girl so she can follow his moves. He had the regular memorized and made certain to direct her every step of the way.
Facebook/Jennifer Michelle Gaines

Thank goodness someone was recording her functionality and managed to capture Ace dancing with her. Being a parent can be a very thrilling, rewarding but, frankly, thankless occupation.
You are tasked with raising a child into a successful adult – and that normally comes with its very own set of challenges.
Facebook/Jennifer Michelle Gaines

But, if you are like Kentucky father Ace Heart, you just take the good with the bad and do your very best to be present for your child no matter what. Being a fantastic father is something he takes seriously and it is something he’ll do for the remainder of his life! His children are blessed to have such a caring, active and supportive dad.
Ace talked with Baby Bellies & Beyond and clarified that the fuss across the viral video actually amuses him! This was the situation when Ace’s sweet 2-year-old girl had a tiny mind reluctantly and couldn’t recall her moves throughout a winter recital!
Instead of cheering her on by the audience, Ace ran back and did some thing that is going viral…

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